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Book covers

I am often asked to shoot book covers by very creative art directors and cover designers.  Sometimes they know exactly what they want, and sometimes the process involves more collaboration, until we "discover" what works for the subject matter. The variety of subjects is amazing, and challenging, ranging from wine, to yarn, to slime (who knew?!) to various crafts that people might make for their cats and dogs!

What's your challenging project?

Creative Wax Carving
Juices and Smoothies
Kevin Zraly Complete Wine Course
The Slime Workshop
The World Atlas of Beer
Yarn Substitution Made Easy
Fermentation and Home Brewing
Sparkle & Splash
Red Wine
Wedding Papercrafts
Clearing Spaces
The U.S. Army
Homebrew Beyond the Basics
DIY For Dog Lovers
Amigurumi Pets
Crafty Little Things
Kevin Zraly Complete WIne Course
Feminist Cross Stitch
Creative Cut Cards
Cover Me
Patchwork Embroidery
Quilled Mandalas
Origami Furniture
Hack Your Journal

These photographs, designs and content

were created for Sterling Publishing, Inc

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